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The Rock n roll Rooster is the archetypal Cock Rock God, a satirical character created by THE SONGS OF TOM SMITH  project.

Rock n Roll has the potential to be accessible as a form of entertainment, self expression and liberation for the marginalised; first nations people, women, people from all cultures and geographies, the mentally ill, homeless, lbgtiq+. After all it was conceived in the U.S. form the marriage of the music of poor white Southerners and African Americans.

The Rock and Roll Rooster show explores what happens when it becomes the domain of affluent white cis males.

 is a family band. We sing sad songs about the weather and growing up in a small country town. "Summer is Awful Kind", the trios most recent single, explores the dualities of a Brisbane summer; of laid-back days in the park escaping the heat, and the realities of escalating bushfires and Invasion Day rallies.

WHEATPASTE was formed in the culture of the late 2000’s punk scene in Brisbane by kids with a soft side for folk protest songs. They gave their all for five years, releasing their 2012 album as a last salute to burning out. But like a mould that refuses to die, in 2017 they picked up with a fervour, driven by muscle memory and a thirst for new material. They simply missed each and the songs!

Throw in up-tempo accordion, viola and mandolin with “The Clash” distortion and you get an unique union of alt-country, folk, punk rock and storytelling by the barrel fire. There is a genuine passion and heart delivered through the songs. As witness to the world falling from grace, their new material continues to blend a dystopian bitter-sweet with an energy of hope, lifting spirits through catchy choruses and propulsive beats.