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THE TRIPPY HIPPY BAND are Joe Flower, Harmony Breeze, Rose of Cimarron, Yossarian and the one and only Billy Shears, and together they perform a folky tribute to the groovy music of the hippy era. This earnestly entertaining live act has continued to draw accolades from around Australasia in their short 15 year reign. They look like the 60s/70s, they sound like the 60s/70s (man, do they sound like it!) and with their range of hippy costumes and instruments, they brilliantly recreate the vibe of the music and the times. The Trippy Hippy Band are one of the world's top lineups paying homage to the Summer of Love, Woodstock, Sunbury and Laurel Canyon. The Trippy Hippy Band appeals to a broad range of audiences: from anyone young or old who just enjoy a great band, to die-hard 60s/70s fans who appreciate hippy humour and attention to hippie culture - there is something for everyone! Don't miss The Trippy Hippy Band.

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Refunds up to 3 days before the event, Contact the organiser to request a refund (Sticky Ticket fee is nonrefundable).

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Paul Buckberry

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