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Didgeridoo Pranayama Fremantle

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a breath and voice modality developed by Si Mullumby. The essence of the practice is developing ways to harness wellbeing and relaxed clear energy from inside ourselves.

The Didgeridoo Pranayama breathing system acts like a well being pump. When one breathing rhythm is repeated over and over again it becomes like a well that dives deep into ourselves. With good intent and a relaxed gentle approach slowly but surely the 'Living Gold',  wellbeing and good feeling, rises into our awareness and onwards into our lives.

Taking away the need for an outward reward the system this is a simple way to invigorate the part of us that already feels good, making this place inside ourselves stronger, warmer and safer, adding stability into our lives. 

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a non-confrontational musical space. Silence is the bedrock of the experience and participants are invited to honour this collective space that we create together.

No prior experience is required.

Event time: 10.30am to 1.00pm 

Cost: $40 online (includes booking fee) / $50 on the door  

Age Restriction: 14+                                                                                                              This event traverses deep spaces of silence and engages the breath in a way that an adult sense of responsibility is required. We all need to have the freedom of a single point of focus for the group to really fly.

What to Bring:                                                                                                                    Please bring what you need to be comfortable. There are yoga mats, bolsters and blocks for those who need them.

Bring water or naturally electrolyte rich drinks such as coconut water. 

Please eat at least an hour before the event and be prepared to stay inside for the entire session.

What is Didgeridoo Pranayama?

Didgeridoo Pranayama is a unique modality that utilises the breath to harness life-force energy for greater clarity, creativity and joy.

The mystical resonance of the didgeridoo will guide an uplifting journey to bring a deep connection to spirit and to magnetise more beauty in each individual’s life.

What Happens In This Workshop?

World renowned musician and didgeridoo player Si Mullumby shares the alchemical sound and breath technique he has developed over 25 years.

Delivered in a group environment, the technique activates the para-sympathetic nervous system in an unprecedented way.

Collectively the group moves through a blissful journey of polyrhythmic breathing and vocalisation that brings trust and ease in the body and the ability to explore inner realms of wisdom.

Any inhibitions soon dissolve in the group as the technique becomes effortless and brings a synergistic flow of high vibrational energy.

Beacon Yoga Centre

151 South Street Beaconsfield WA 6162, Australia

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Didgeridoo Pranayama

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