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SPARK MOFO playfully takes its name from the highly acclaimed ‘Dark Mofo’ festival held annually in Hobart. Whilst not affiliated with the Tasmanian event, SPARK MOFO draws on similar themes and ideas such as the use of multi-disciplinary artforms.

This year, SPARK MOFO will venture into the themes of death, our desire to be distracted from it, and the potential for beauty to be found in it.

The event will feature live music performances, coupled with live ‘death drawing’ from local, Ipswich artists and musicians, and attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the activities on display.

Musical Artists involved:

Karoshi Karoshi is a Brisbane-based duo who have been exploring the burgeoning world of DNB and rock, finding a place where the Prodigy meets Pendulum meets AC/DC. With no initial vision of where they were heading, the duo churned through dozens of songs before honing in on their now distinctive style. @karoshi_band

DAMIEN Hailing from Ipswich, Australia, DAMIEN is a producer, singer and songwriter using music as a vehicle for ultimate self-expression. With comparisons to Depeche Mode and Nine In Nails, DAMIEN operates within the grey, navigating the complex soundscape of alternative electro-rock. @damiencreates

HOSTILE ARCHITECTAll caps abuser 'HOSTILE ARCHITECT' is a one man cyberpunk army on the EBM/Electro-Industrial warpath. Signed to US label Brutal Resonance Records, H/A released a series of heavy and immediately danceable singles culminating in the highly regarded 2021 LP ‘LOWGRADELIFE’. 'HOSTILE ARCHITECT' stands out as a force to be reckoned with in the booming Australian industrial scene. @hosarchitect

Visual Artists involved:

Aprelle Houston Aprelle is the founder of Ipswich Life Drawing and Art an enterprise aimed at hosting and promoting ‘Life Drawing’ sessions across the Ipswich region. They host frequent events at Banshees Bar & Artspace and anyone s welcome to attend. @ivory_kitten_art

Nikki Smileyaka ‘Turtle Watson’, is a local artist who is known for her edgy colourful designs and has had her work translated into tattoos, skateboard decks and more. Nikki has been praised for the time and detail she puts into her creations. @turtlewatsonart

Anita: Is a Life Model and Naturist. A car accident several years ago changed her life forever, leading her to vow to say ‘yes’ to more things, which in turn lead to Life Modelling. Life Modelling has gifted Anita with an acceptance of self and exquisite connections with others through art.

Moonchild’s Collective: Is an experienced costume make up artist whose work is focussed on producing quality work and making a significant impact. They pride themselves on possessing a strong eye for detail and being able to bring creative visions to life. @moonchilds__collective

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Banshees Bar & Artspace 131 Brisbane Street Ipswich QLD 4305 Australia

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