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Great Southern Nights Presents....

Garry David + WhatEva + Buddhadatta

Treat your ears to an amazing Thursday night with three incredible bands.

Garry David are a 4 piece band from the inner west of Sydney. They were originally formed by bassist Stanley Claret (Whopping Big Naughty, The Shouties) and vocalist Bob Blunt (Beijing Bikini + author of Blunt: A Biased History in Australian Rock 2001) in the summer of 2002. They have since released three albums - Australia’s Nelson Mandela (2003), A Long Walk to Sodom (2009) and The Full Nelson (2017). The band have toured Brisbane, Lismore, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne and also Hobart. In 2023 they secured supports to overseas renowned bands Carsick Cars (China) aa well as Vorsen (NZ featuring original members of The Gordons and Bailter Space).

Their guitarist Mike Corey (Diolene, Whopping Big Naughty) joined the band in 2007 whilst drummer Terry Van Stee (Examplehead, The Baddies) joined the band as late as 2019.

They have been described as an irreverent and entertaining live band that encapsulates the DIY ethic that all their record collections belie. Think The Fall, Venom P Stinger, The Saints and Pete Uni. Or even better see them and just make up your own mind.

Whateva is a controversial anarco punkrock band from Sydney Inner West put together by Whatever Eva, Czech punk poet, singer and lyricist. Konrad - bass, Art - guitar and Vince - drums, make the music to anti-fascism, anti-racism and anti-bullshit lyrics. Come to see the blasphemy and outrage as Whateva doesn't sugarcoat.

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