Viva La Femme 2021

Kath Mazzella OAM, Australian of the Year Grace Tame, Kylie Bonnor

Kath Mazzella OAM and Kylie Bonnor are the powerhouse duo leading the collaboration for Women's Health Week 2021 in the Greater Perth Region; delivering information designed to educate, connect and empower the wider community to improve Gynaecological Health and Mental Wellbeing. 

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Kylie Bonnor is an award winning mental wellbeing and trauma educator and women's health specialist. With a passionate interest in neuroscience, epigenetics, gender difference, trauma and how they all work together making us unique in experience, wisdom and emotion; Kylie Bonnor is the visionary mental wellbeing and women's health educator of the future.

Kylie presents her extensive knowledge and experience through an engaging manner to a wide variety of audiences across Australia. Her background ensures the delivery of up to the minute research and information is easy to understand and will leave attendees informed and empowered so they can share the knowledge throughout their own circles of influence.

Supporting and championing the mental wellbeing for families of Defence and Emergency Services personnel and the health professionals committed to helping them, her work is empowering women all over the world (and those they cross paths with); to heal and break intergenerational/vicarious trauma cycles.

2018 WA Senior Australian of the Year and author, Kath Mazzella OAM has been campaigning for almost three decades to create greater awareness of women's Gynaecological and Sexual Health and the associated Mental Health challenges. Kath is in the business of breaking down Taboos and removing the stigmas and shame; saving women's lives and supporting them and their loved ones through what can often be very challenging times, physically and emotionally. Motivated by her personal story of surviving a gynaecological cancer as well as the thousands of stories of women's suffering around the globe that have been shared with her over her many years of advocacy and awareness campaigning work. Her work has resulted in establishing the Gynaecological Awareness Information Network (GAIN Inc) and the widely celebrated International Gynaecological Awareness Day (IGAD)

(Picture L-R: Kath Mazzella OAM, Australian of the Year 2021 Grace Tame, Kylie Bonnor)

Viva La Femme 2021

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