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September Topic: Letting Go of The Need To Be In Control 😬

Ever been told you thrive on control?

Or resonate with being a 'control freak'? 

Then this event is for you! (PS - this used to be me also, and to be honest, it can still pop up at times!)

Learning how to tame the need for control within us is so important when growing and scaling our businesses. Not to mention for harmony in our home life!

There's a great quote that you can either be in control or you can be happy but you can't be both.

Come along to dive into this topic as well as network (without the ick factor) with other awesome women running a business, and to get a hit of community, collaboration and connection.

Not Networking events are for women in business who want to connect, learn, grow and have some fun.

If you sometimes find running a business lonely and would like to surround yourself with a community of women who inspire and energise each other, this would be perfect for you.. 

This is a fabulous opportunity to take time away from the business to learn practical mindset and business strategies that you can walk away with and start to implement immediately..

To top it off, you'll have ongoing access to our dedicated private facebook group so that you can share your wins; ask questions; share resources and let others know what you're offering each week. 

These events are on a pay as you go basis with no obligations attached.

Kylie x