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Zohar Sound Bath with Sacred Resonance

Sunday March 8: 10:30pm-12:30am
Harts Mill, Flour Shed, Pt. Adl.
(March Long Weekend)

Lie down and experience a deep listening, transcendental, meditative sound bath with Sacred Resonance at Harts Mill, Flour Shed, transformed into a massive sound-filled space.

A very special one off midnight live performance by Sacred Resonance over two hours. Experience a live synthesis of ambient crystalline vibrations, harmonic overtones and liquid soundscapes, fused with binaural beats for deep mind-body entrainment. “In real time we will be playing synthesizer, crystal bowls, and live overtone singing moving from waking to dreamlike states". Here you can access states of body asleep and mind awake, whereby consciousness realms of inner visionary realms open.

Inspired by the sleep concerts by great ambient artists and the concept of Zohar (Hebrew: Splendor) midnight hours, seen by the mystics as the time the Gates of Light open !

Coffee and or Pick me up teas will be after the sound bath :) 


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Flour Shed Harts Mill

Mundy Street Port Adelaide SA 5015, Australia

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Darren Curtis
Sacred Resonance

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