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Fresh from headlining the Jimna Rocks festival, KRAVE have a full head of steam and a fistful of new material to unleash on Ipswich. The Shapeshifting tour brings together a rolled-gold, 3 band line-up that also features Kathleen Turner Overdrive, and Pitch Kruger and The Slippery Eels, on a Friday night for the ages.

It all happens at Banshees Bar and Artspace in Ipswich, where you can wrap your eyes around the art and wrap your ears around the music. A total sensory experience not to be missed!!


KRAVE are a red-hot, female fronted, hard rock outfit from Brisbane. Incorporating influences such as CKY, Tool & Pantera, KRAVE offer a dynamic cross section of modern rock & alternative metal that will leave you in a state of bone buzzing adrenaline with driving riffs, exceptional vocal power and energetic stage presence. Fresh from headlining the Jimna Rocks festival, KRAVE is a band of unparalleled passion that gives everything to their audience - Every song - Every show.

Kathleen Turner Overdrive

A punk rocking, drum smashing, femme-fronted, axe grinding, bass thumping collective of musicians banging originals for dancing to.

Pitch Krueger and The Slippery Eels

An elusive secret society of mystery wrapped in an enigma. There’ll be noise, there’ll be movement. It’ll be frenetic, it’ll be eclectic, it’ll be everything you’d hoped for and so much more. Catch ‘em …………. If you can!!