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PR & Comms in 2020 and Beyond: New Tools, Ideas & Conversations

The Australian launch of a global conversation about PR hosted by Ross Monaghan at Deakin University’s Downtown campus

Don’t miss this special event to kickstart your year ahead in PR and communications

“The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t invent spaceships” - Carl Sagan (attributed)

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve” - Jeff Bezos

“This has changed the way I think about PR and Communications. This is a great opportunity you can’t afford to miss.” - Trevor Young

Do you want to be at the forefront of new thinking to transform what you do in PR and comms?

Come along to join a group of us in an informal, yet highly purposeful and profound conversation, in a rare opportunity with a visiting UK comms expert who is sharing with us the ‘Dublin Conversations’ - at 4 pm on Tuesday January 7th at Deakin Downtown.

The gathering will mark the Australian launch of a global project that is transforming how we think and do PR and communications.

Come away with greater confidence, some high-quality, easy-to-use tools and a greater sense of purpose in your work in the year ahead.

Be at the Australian launch of this global conversation and discover:

  • ·The ‘Comms Canvas’ that instantly transforms your thinking to address any campaign, strategy or pitch and provides you with a growing range of practical tools to enable you to think bigger and more effectively
  • ·The ‘5 Steps to Dublin’ changemaker tool that enables you to overcome ‘silo thinking’ to have a more meaningful and purposeful conversation about the future of your work
  • ·The ‘Journey to Dublin Toolkit’, a growing range of tools to enable you to put new thinking into action to achieve better results and open up new areas of practice.
  • ·How to harness what is called ‘Humble Intelligence’ to help anyone be more tolerant and grow as a practitioner.

Andy Green is the author of 8 books on brand communications that have been translated into 6 languages. He was voted the UK’s ‘Outstanding Public Relations Practitioners of the Year’ in 2013.

In an inspiring, engaging and entertaining session he will take you on a virtual trip to Dublin, revealing the 5 Simple Rules that shape all communications practice - and how you can use them. 

  • How you can think bigger than ‘communications’ or ‘behaviour change’ to better future-proof your career. 
  • How you can harness the latest in behavioural psychology, economics, social anthropology and more to achieve better results, realise more impact and give new meaning to your work.
  • Discover how media relations peaked in 2004. 

What is the Dublin Conversations?

The Dublin Conversations tackles the big issue facing the communications industries in our post-digital age: the need to transform how we think and how we do things - and provide our society with better ways to overcome distrust, disrespect and division.

An authentic, independent, non-commercial, crowdfunded, grassroots year-long project, the Dublin Conversations is nurturing a growing community, spanning practice and academia, avoiding a top-down approach of being owned by somebody. It uses purposeful conversations, co-creation and co-production to develop new ideas, processes, strategies and tools.

During 2020 it is freely sharing its Comms Canvas tool and ‘5 Steps to Dublin’ changemaker tool, launching each month a new tool to create a ‘Journey from Dublin’ toolkit, have over 231 open-to-anyone conversations around the globe with practitioners and academics, across all ages, areas of communications practice and beyond - including you - with events in Australia, Ireland, UK and elsewhere

What’s the Big Idea about the Dublin Conversations?

#1. It’s creating profound bottom-up led change for the communications industries that’s not owned by anyone and is available to everyone. #2. Creates a bigger lens to enable profound new ideas to overcome ‘silo thinking’ #3. Enables the communications industries to evolve faster, more purposefully, with greater confidence. #4. Can be used immediately. Try the new ‘Comms Canvas’ now! Supported by a framework of new theory and tools #5. Democratises evolution - enables the small players to stay ahead. It provides wider society with new tools to tackle growing distrust, disrespect and division.

Deakin Downtown

tower 2 level 12/727 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3008, Australia

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Trevor Young
PR Warrior

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