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In this MONDAY MINDSET – EXCITE YOUR CAREER live coaching session

for aspiring and established entrepreneurs and individuals,

Recruitment Specialist, Executive, Mindset and Career Coach:

Annette Hurley,

will share tips on how to be the master of your own destiny to create


Your LIFE – Your CAREER – Your BUSINESS – Your TERMS – Your WAY

As Managing Director of The Career College, Career Development and Management Guru and The Acorn Group Annette has over 35 years’ of experience as an entrepreneur in recruitment, career and life coaching, corporate training and University lecturing.

Her coaching is founded on her eclectic business, academic and life experiences which include overcoming adversity and chronic illness, studying as well as applying metaphysical mastery in her own life.

If you have been questioning how can I ….

Be more successful at work?

Earn more money?

Improve my relationships?

Be happier?

Improve my wellness?

This live coaching session based on experiential knowing and academic research will provide you with the practical tools which when applied are guaranteed to assist you in closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

This tailored in the moment coaching includes:

Executive Coaching imparting cutting edge business strategies on how to create a more harmonious, cooperative workplace as well as improve systems, procedures, and desired business growth.

Mindset Coaching (underpinned by Metaphysical Mastery – The science of mind over matter) providing practical life skills to break free of limits, gain clarity and confidence, reduce stress, create greater wellness, improve relationships with self and others, and to develop a


Career Coaching to Refocus - Reenergise - Reboot - Reinvent your career

If you have been seeking a community of like-minded conscious professionals to connect with on a regular basis to discuss matters of importance, then MONDAY MINDSET is your group.

Everyone who attends will be given the opportunity to ask questions and will receive an invitation to join

The Career College’s exclusive Inner Circle

enabling further collaboration with Annette and like-minded peers.

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You are invited to email your questions in advance.

Remember to have a special notebook and pen on hand to capture key points and to write your personalised success action plan..