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We are delighted to be returning to Molong with our original style of sound healing
bringing some sensual bliss to soothe your soul before the silly season takes hold!

This is a unique opportunity to experience deep relaxation as you immerse yourself in a sonic landscape of resonant gongs and singing bowls. A therapeutic sound meditation to rejuvenate your senses, refresh your mind, revive your spirits. 

The perfect way to re-calibrate your whole being, to calm and cool for Summer ...

A sound healing experience has the ability to take you to a place of deep relaxation through an altered state of consciousness beyond the thinking mind - moving from active Beta states to Alpha, Theta, even Delta brainwaves.

Sound healing promotes the restorative functioning of the parasympathetic nervous system - Rest & Digest - so you are welcome to have a light lunch before attending.

The benefits of sound have been well researched and documented in recent years as this modality gains popularity, even though sound has been used as a tool for healing since ancient times.

The deep states of relaxation attained by the application of sound in a therapeutic have been found to affect bio-chemistry and facilitate transformation by reducing the effects of stress, allowing the body to release tension and reach its own state of balance with an increased sense of peace and well-being.

There will be some gentle movement and breath practices to ground you into the space before an extended immersion in a therapeutic and intuitive sequence of sound instruments performed by the experienced and qualified team of soundbound healing therapies. You are in the good hands of qualified sound therapist, sound healers, gong masters, kundalini yoga & meditation teacher and restorative relaxation specialist.

We will be bringing a selection of artisan gongs, tuned orchestral planet gongs, ancient Himalayan singing bowls and modern quartz crystal, as well as a range of therapeutic percussion.

This is a chance to give your body, mind and emotions a break - an injection of Positivity to balance the tsunami of fear.
There is PLENTY OF SPACE at our Molong venue to keep the Physical Distancing requirement.
Spending time in a beautiful cosy local setting with friendly smiling faces is enough to boost anyone’s immune system! Followed by a deep relaxation sound immersion and meditation to re-calibrate your nervous system and bring balance to your inner world.

Participant numbers are limited so PLEASE PLEASE book early if you would like one of those places.

Please bring whatever you need to be really comfortable : mat, blankets, cushions, cotton beach towel, shawl, sleeping bag, quilt, an eye pillow and water to drink. Self Responsibility gives Yourself the message that You are important while also respecting our wider Community.
Your co-operation is much appreciated and it means we can keep spreading the joy : )

Afterwards we offer rejuvenating chai and herbal teas with some sweet snacks for those of you who would like to chill out a bit more and connect with your local community.

Look forward to sharing the joy !

There are a very limited number of places available for this IN PERSON event
so please book early to give yourself this special gift of transformation.

Earlybird $40 until 31 October
$45 after 1 November

Christine : 0410 289 519

36 Hill Street on Mitchell Highway

The Scout Hall

32-36 Hill Street Molong Cabonne 2866, Australia

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Christine Goodman
Soundbound Healing

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Refunds up to 14 days before the event, If you really cannot attend this event when your heart was set on it, rather than asking for a refund - why not gift your ticket to a friend or someone who will benefit. That way you help to spread the joy, open your heart and accrue good karma : )