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Soil Health to Soil Wealth 

Your soil is your greatest asset. 

It is the essence of your productive potential and profitability. Soil health is also key to stress free farming. The common catch cry is, “our soils aren’t what they used to be”. In this informative full-day workshop, internationally acclaimed soil specialist Graeme Sait will help you with ways to improve soil health and plant resilience.

Join us with guest presenter Graeme Sait, Graeme is a specialist agronomist in sustainable and regenerative agriculture, plant nutrition and human health. He has advised and educated government, agronomists, and farmers in more than 20 countries. Graeme hosts the ‘Nutrition Farmers Podcast’, is the author of the popular ‘Nutrition Matters’ blog, and is known for his passionate work and ‘TED’s talk on Humus’. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn more from this accomplished teacher.


Mineral Interaction - Soil mineral function, deficiencies, interactions and testing

Microbe management - Soil biology and how to manage your living workforce

Building Organic Matter - Benefits of humus & how to build humus in soil

Practical Ways to Improve Soil Health - From seed treatments to foliar fertilising and everything between

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Granite Borders Landcare Committee Inc.
Granite Borders Landcare Committee Inc.

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