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We are delighted to be returning to the Central Coast at the beautiful Bamboo Buddha Cafe Gallery space in Holgate bringing our unique style of soundscapes to share the joy of healing sound.

Connecting to your heartspace, connecting to community, connecting to creativity and bliss as we journey through these times of transition ... together.


Heart Beat Sound Healing is a unique form of Sound Art immersion. Experience the healing vibrations of a carefully selected suite of tuned planet gongs and chimes, water gongs and antique singing bowls, titanium and bronze sound tubes ... blended with breath and rhythmic movement to encourage a state of deep relaxation as you go beyond the thinking mind to a place of peace and tranquility. The perfect way to transition to a better way of being in our brave new world.

At this time of major change, get in touch with your own Heartfelt Desire; set past obstacles aside and allow yourself to go with the sublime flow of therapeutic sound waves to soften your being and brighten your soul.

Have an intention ready, or wait and see what emerges during your healing sound immersion.

We will be connecting to our Heart, feeling the true Rhythm of Life to support our cycles of change and deep transformation through sound, rhythm, movement, music, mantra, meditation and restorative relaxation.

Come and experience a therapeutic sound bath of sublime bliss.
This deep relaxation sound healing is a sonic landscape of bright gongs, bronze and crystal singing bowls, ancient and modern instruments, voice and meditation, designed to relieve tension, rejuvenate your senses, recalibrate your nervous system, boost your immune system and refresh your mind.

Become transported by the elemental sounds of gongs and antique singing bowls, precision tuned planet gongs and hand crafted chimes ...

Being immersed in an ocean of sound allows healing to occur at a deep level. The sonic vibrations of these ancient instruments of sound help to clear negativity and old habits as you truly let go and flow with the new ideas that emerge on the pure tones of quartz crystal.

Breath and gentle movement will assist you in opening to the healing effects of the sound,  supporting you in your journey through specific therapeutic sequences delivered by a collaboration of qualified sound therapist, gong masters and sound healers.

You need to bring everything to keep you completely cosy and comfortable - a mat, blanket or sleeping bag to lay on, a shawl or blanket to cover yourself during deep relaxation, cushions to support you, eye pillow to cover your eyes and water to drink ~ absolutely everything you need to be completely comfortable. And water to drink.
Nothing will be provided under current COVID management regulations.

Limited numbers of participants are allowed at this venue due to Physical Distancing requirements.
The regulations changed back to 4 sq metres per person from 4.1.21

Christine 0410 289 519

Heart Beat Sound Healing Gong Bath
Sunday 21 February

Bamboo Buddha Cafe Gallery
221 Wattle Tree Road, Holgate
between Gosford and Terrigal
Central Coast NSW

Bamboo Buddha Cafe

221 Wattle Tree Road Holgate Gosford 2250, Australia

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Refunds up to 14 days before the event, If you really cannot attend this event when your heart was set on it, rather than asking for a refund - why not gift your ticket to a friend or someone who will benefit. That way you help to spread the joy, open your heart and accrue good karma : )