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In this powerful stop smoking seminar, you will be introduced to a brand new method to quit smoking. It is based upon hypnotic and mind-programming techniques, that his far more successful than using hypnosis or NLP.
In an experiment for a British, National Newspaper, Peter Powers was pitted against four other experts in the field of quitting smoking. It was reported that his method was more than twice as effective as hypnosis – one of the best known methods available.

This is quite probably the most successful methods ever devised, is gentle, easy and safe. In fact, it is especially safe for people who suffer from anxiety, high blood pressure or have heart problems because it is totally stress free and there are no sudden withdrawal shocks to the system.

You can now join the thousands of people who have been helped to quit smoking by Peter.
It is effortless - you don't even try to stop!

  • There are NO cravings or self-denial
  • NO irritability or frustration.
  • NO withdrawal symptoms
  • NO anxiety substitute, such as over eating or nail-biting
    In addition, you will gain:
  • Strong feelings of well-being
  • You will enjoy drastically reduced levels of stress and anxiety
  • You will sleep soundly, every night and wake up each day feeling invigorated and refreshed.

    Most people find the process very enjoyable

After absorbing the workshop, and for 30 days thereafter, Peter will monitor your continuing success, so ensure that it will be permanent with no turning back. You will be able to share your success and gain encouragement from the others in your group. This includes an invitation to his private online group, email/message support and live online meetings. (Recordings will be available for you to access at any time). 

It’s time. Stop Smoking Once and For All!

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