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KALLIDAD combines Spanish guitar magic with rock and roll energy to create a once in a lifetime sound that has seen the group tour across Europe, Asia and Oceania. The trio's notorious white facepaint masks their identities, shifting the focus to a musical style that is alive, intense, emotional and powerful. Kallidad's music is all instrumental- no lyrics are necessary to feel the energy and passion behind the music. Booming percussion and shredded nylon string guitars weave a deep web of sound that always leaves audiences breathless and begging for more!


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GRESHKA - Loosen your suspenders, tighten your shoelaces and get ready to flap your extremities! Greshka is a five piece neo-gypsy/klezmer ensemble not unlike a chipotle and cocaine kebab: you’re not sure where it’s from, but it sure knocks you off your tits. A torn canvas of Romanian gypsy dons a filthy smear of electronica, metal, jazz-funk and classical-arrangement. 


* Unfortunately due to Covid 19 Shugorei are unable to play this gig. They are super keen to come back another time.
SHUGOREI is a highly adventurous music duo featuring live percussion and electronics, with performers Nozomi Omote and Thomas Green. Combining diverse influence including IDM and classical music, Shugorei is uniquely, distinctly vivacious. Vibraphone, digital samples, analogue synthesis, drums and bricolage come together in painstakingly composed and improvised instrumental works. Shugorei (meaning Guardian Spirit) explores an interplay between Noz’s Japanese background and Western musicianship . Likewise, Thomas Green’s music draws on a globe-spanning array of influence.

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