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We want YOU to join us for a fun family-friendly TROPPOTRIVIA night-o-nights on Tuesday 15 December starting at 7pm (Brisbane, Queensland time - check your local time). 

The event will be hosted by our very own Queen of Troppo, the fabulous Pine-elope Pizzazzle! You're bound to encounter brain bursting trivia and side splitting silliness while competing for the title of TROPPOTRIVIA Champions!!

You will need Zoom and internet and laptop/computer/tablet/phone! 

Everyone on your screen can play :)

All log in and access details will be revealed in an email to ticket holders so please make sure you get your email address right in the form at checkout.

One Aussie Pineapple ($50) will provide one child a new Christmas outfit including shoes + a Christmas hamper to share with their family + some back to school essentials. Thank you for having a huge heart!

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