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Whether it is your personal life, work life or business life one thing is certain; change. We know this already, so why do we fear it so much? 

Ready or not, change is a part of life. Sometimes you choose the change, other times the change chooses you so it’s important to know how to handle it. 

The key to having the life you want is based on your ability and willingness to change.

The saying goes, "YOU" can "DO" change or change can "DO YOU".

Workshop facilitator and coach Melissa Sheridan McNabb has had to navigate life's changes, both the forced changes like divorce, bereavement and job loss as well as intentional changes like weight loss, healing and personal growth.

Through her studies in psychology, work as a coach and life experience as a mother of five, Melissa has developed a program to guide women through the changes in life where they might get stuck. 

Both forced change and intentional change have a natural cycle - the phases of change can pass by easily or derail us (and our life plans) completely. Wouldn't it be helpful to have some go-to strategies to help during the instability of change?

In Melissa's signature program, The Ritual of Change™ she has identified the 9 stages of change. In this intimate workshop for women Melissa will help us navigate our way through each stage to discover where we have become stuck in the change cycle. Once you identify each stage and pass through each one you'll have a successful guide to take you through all changes big or small that life has planned for you.

A toolkit for resilience during change - yes please!

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Melissa Sheridan McNabb
Courageous Coaching

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