The Mik Maks

Talk about keeping it in the family!!!The Mik Maks consist of brothers Joel and Al McInnes as well as their loveable friend Drums the Panda (Yes, he plays the drums).Recently, Joel’s talented 13-year-old daughter Ava has also joined the group. The Mik Maks are now into their 10th year of performing live shows across the country and kids continue to go NUTS for their music.

There has been plenty of bumps along the way in The Mik Mak journey. No more so than tragically losing our younger brother and pink Mik Mak Deano. He was an incredibly talented musician with a very cheeky smile that children just adored. Dean lit up the stage and just loved the buzz of connecting with young kids through music.

Dean’s passing has truly served as inspiration and provided heightened purpose for the group.We’re so blessed to be able to continue Dean’s work and share it with the world.

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