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SLOW WEARING WELL is a community initiative by High Tea with Mrs Woo.

It's about you and me, what and how, we choose and use, love and care for the things we wear.

It's a celebration of people and their influences - who share philosophies and virtues on material value and heirloom, who are committed to their work and craft, and are passionate about presenting products of enduring quality. We're talking about responsible sources and supply chains, upcycling and re-commerce, from manufacturing to mending.

It's about the well-being of our clothing and accessories. It’s about knowing your self and your stuff. We're talking about making good decisions for our material comforts and dress confidence. We're shining a bright light on us and our qualities, on you and your style.


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Events may have multiple booking options. Please read carefully before making your selection.


2019 - LIVE WARDROBE EDIT Session at Tamworth Regional Council Waste Warrior Expo was an open, public conversation to expose and delve into guest's wardrobe - thank you to Megan Scrivener (rural life wardrobe).

2018 - LIVE WARDROBE EDIT Sessions at The Fernery was an open, public conversation to expose and delve into guest's wardrobes - thank you to Meryl Ryan ('maximalist' wardrobe) and Lottie Consalvo ('minimalist' wardrobe).

2018 - SLOW WEARING WELL featured five designers-makers-purveyors pappa svenHigh Tea with Mrs WooStudio MeltHide & Seeker and Yardsale Trading Co - who shared stories, experiences and knowledge over a weekend of presentations, store and studio visits.

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