Triplespeak is an artist management, film, music and production house where all forms of art and life coalesce.

Sharply focused upon the processes of social, historical and cultural transformation, Triplespeak represents the seduction of order out of chaos, with a view to mobilising the revolutionary spirit that is inherent within the Arts – through words, music, design, film and performance – thereby cultivating an entirely new vision for the future.

Imagination. Creation, Transformation.

Surfing Albert Einstein’s gravitational waves, inverting the Orwellian notion of Doublespeak, and embodying Aristotles three-folding synthesis of life – the physical, animal and intellectual/spiritual – Triplespeak seeks to enlighten a departure from postmodernism in the pursuit of an altogether new sense of being, seen as a process of creative becoming.

This takes the form of Renaissance.


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Jeremy Hutton

PO Box 563 Katoomba NSW 2780, Australia

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