How to use Sticky Tickets Branding

Listed below are some guidelines to follow when using the Sticky Tickets logo.
Please stick to the guide as closely as possible so that Sticky Tickets looks their very best.

Sticky Tickets Logo Files

Use the file or html href below to link Sticky Tickets to your website.

StickyTickets - sell tickets online


The Sticky Tickets logo can only appear on these three colour backgrounds. Roll-over the logos to see the codes for the exact colours.

Incorrect Use

Insuring the correct application of the logo is paramount to the Sticky Tickets brand. So please don't break our logo like these examples!

Are you running an event for a Charity, Community Group or a Not For Profit Organisation?

You may be eligible for a Sticky Tickets Rebate.

Anyone can sell tickets to their event using Sticky Tickets!

Whether your event is big or small, corporate or charity, free or paid, you can list, promote, sell tickets and manage your event easily, all in one place.