Charity Rebate

Sticky Tickets Supports Your Cause...

If you are a registered charity Sticky Tickets will donate back 10% of the total charges for your event.

At Sticky Tickets we love to help out where we can, and what better way than to donate financially to your cause.

We only have one all-inclusive fee for ticket sales (our donation is 10% of this all inclusive fee), so it includes all credit card charges (including AMEX cards).

*NOTE - Group Ticket Types (Group Ticket, Group Reserved Seating and Open Group Ticket) are not included in rebate calculations.

To be eligible, your fund or institution must be approved by the Australian Taxation Office as an Endorsed Tax Concession Charity (TCC) *

How To Apply

  1. Register and log in to Sticky Tickets (you may use an existing account)
  2. Complete the application form, providing a copy of your "Notification of endorsement for charity tax concession" document.
  • A tax concession charity is a fund or institution which has been endorsed as charitable by the Australian Taxation Office. It is important to note that not all organisations which are tax exempt are actually tax concession charities. An organisation which has been endorsed will be in possession of a certificate from the Australian Taxation Office which states that it has been endorsed as a Tax Concession Charity.
  • Management reserves the right to refuse the application for charity rebate without explanation.
  • When applying for the Charity Rebate, we would appreciate it if the application can be submitted as early as possible during your event set up, to allow for processing and timely approval.

Once you have been approved for the Charity Rebate, we will add a ribbon to your event summary page which will indicate how much you will receive as a rebate. Once you have marked your event as completed, you will receive two separate payments, one for your ticket sales and the other for your rebate. You are no longer required to send us an invoice. Please note that we will add our logo to your event page upon approval.

Should you like to acknowledge Sticky Tickets as a supporter on social media or any promotional material, Please feel free to use our logos provided, below.

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Rebates Paid

Sticky Tickets to date has donated:

Over $166,124

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