Protect Your Tickets

We have you covered. Sticky Tickets has integrated ticket coverage protection through Refund Protect. With a wide range of acceptable reasons to make a claim on your ticket costs, you can now purchase ticket coverage and be assured that if for some unexpected reason you are not able to attend your event, you can make a claim to recoup your ticket costs. Terms and conditions apply.

What Reasons Are Covered?

Some examples for cancellation include, but are not limited to:

  • Illness (physical & mental)*
  • Flooding
  • Pre-existing medical conditions*
  • Death (including suicide)*
  • Pregnancy related conditions*
  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Private vehicle failure
  • Changes to exam dates
  • Fire
  • Injury
  • Government travel bans
  • Emergency services recall
  • Relocation by your employer
  • Redundancy
  • Jury service
  • Court summons
  • Emergency circumstances
  • Burglary (including malicious damage/vandalism)
  • Accident*
  • Adverse weather

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In the event of a qualifying and approved reason, ticket holders complete a secure online refund form which enables Refund Protect to process refunds directly. Refund Protect liaises with the ticket holder and Sticky Tickets while the claim is being processed. Refund Protect, on acceptance of the claim, will payout the claim directly to the ticket holder. Please note: Your claim will not be returned to the credit card you made the purchase with; you will need to provide banking details once the claim is approved. The Refund Protect fee (Premium) will not be refunded with a successful claim.

Sticky Tickets is connected to the Refund Protect platform via secure API which enables all transactions to be underwritten by a panel of A-rated insurers, in real-time. This allows for the full value of ticket costs to be covered & protected, including processing fees, booking fees and taxes, less the premium.

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