Educational Institutions Rebate

At Sticky Tickets we understand and recognise the challenges faced by educational institutionss, and therefore like to help out where we can. We would like to donate 10% of the total charges for the event back to your institution.

We only have one all-inclusive booking fee for ticket sales (our donation will be 10% of this all inclusive fee), so it includes all credit card charges. You can still choose whether or not you add the booking fee to the ticket price, or include it in the cost.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Your application must be submitted and approved prior to your event going Live and Promoted.
  2. Your event must be for a registered educational institutions.
  3. You must acknowledge Sticky Tickets with our logo on your website and promotional material as a supporter.
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  4. You can then invoice Sticky Tickets the rebate amount after the event takes place.

To Apply:

  1. Complete the application form, providing the following
    • Paperwork showing the educational institutions the event is in aid of, or endorsed by.
    • A copy of the url of the webpage or link that contains the Sticky Tickets logo and acknowledgement.
  • No application submitted after the event has taken place will be considered for the rebate.
  • Management reserves the right to ask you to modify your acknowledgement of Sticky Tickets as a supporter, or to refuse the application without explanation.
  • Evidence must be submitted that shows the event is in aid of an educational institutions.
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